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Tanzname Counts/ Wall Musik Beschreibung
1 2 3 Waltz      
A1 24/ 4 I Forgot to Remember (Johnny Cash)
Billy Bayou (Jim Reeves)

A little bit of Mambo 32/ 2 If You Wanna Be Happy (Dr. Victor & The Rasta Rebels)  
Ah si!      
Ain't she sweet 32/ 1 Ain't she Sweet (The Beatles)  https://www.copperknob.co.uk/stepsheets/130648/aint-she-sweet

Baby Belle 32/ 4  The Belle of Liverpool (Derek Ryan)  
Back to the start 32/ 4 Back to the Start (Michael Schulte)  
Beginner Stroll      
Canadian Stomp      
Canadian Stomp Circle      
Celtic CT      
Cha Cha One      
Country Walkin      
Cowgirls Twist      
Dougs Circle      
Heave Away      
I don't look good naked      
Just one Rhumba      
Land of Dreams      
Lindi Shuffle      
Little Charleston      
Little Dreams come true      
Little Rhumba      
Lucky Lips      
Mama Loo      
Mamma Maria      
Over the Moon      
Poker for Beginners      
Ritas Waltz      
Rose of my Heart      
Running Bear (Circle Dance)      
Some Beach      
Starter Step      
Stealing the best      
Stroll along Cha Cha      
Take all of me      
Take me Home      
Tanz ohne Namen      
Tequila Circle      
Texas Barefootin      
That Honky Tonk Highway      
Whiskey Bridges      
Working 9 to 5 AB      
Young Hope - Old Memories